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01 Sep 2003

In July 2003, family and friends bade a final farewell to Wolverton Jones, more affectionately known as ‘Wooly’ – the longest serving employee in the Goddard Group. ‘Wooly’ started out working at the Ice House (the first supermarket in Bridgetown) in 1937 (although his association with Goddard’s started long before that date) and he worked tirelessly and faithfully with the Goddard Group until 1998.

He would often regale us with stories of old Barbados and of his early work experiences. He often spoke about swimming behind the cows that had been imported from Venezuela to be slaughtered here to guide them as they swam ashore; and of a bicycle boy delivering a 50 lb block of ice as far as Wildey in St. Michael and having to leave very early in the morning so that it won’t melt in the sun.

Wooly was an institution – an institution of knowledge – no only about ‘old’ Barbados but about the Goddard family business.

Sir John Stanley Goddard – former Chairman of Goddard Enterprises Ltd – in his tribute to Wolverton “Wooly” Jones at St. Mary’s Church in Bridgetown on July 26, 2003 summed up the man when he said “he was a quiet, hard-working man of few words. He was dedicated to both of his families – to his own biological family and to his ‘adopted’ Goddard family. To me, he was a ‘gentle giant’ because of his soft manner and his powerful physique.”

In an interview with the Editor of the Goddard Enterpriser Newsletter on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the Goddard Enterprises Ltd, ‘Wooly’ recalled his days working with both of the founders of the business, Mr. J.N. Goddard and Mr. Victor Goddard and spoke of the strong work ethic that existed then and said that he had always found the Goddard’s to be ‘fair, honest and caring people’ who were hands-on and team based in their management style.

According to Sir John Stanley Goddard, ‘Wooly was a good man. His loyalty and dignity were examples for all. We say a final farewell to our special colleague and friend.’